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Update On My Remix Album

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For all the people thatare still here and didnt leave when britney extended vegas and care about my upcoming remix album, I am pleased to let you know that is almost complete :)  I also released i was exporting them the wrong way so thats why some of them sounded lq. All the tracks will be uncompressed format, which is very hq :blackoutsmiley:

So far 12 tracks are finished or just need some minor changes :likethat:  there are about 4, i think, uncomplete mixes which i intend to finish for this album :no1curr:. Also i might do some minor changes on my Ooh la la remix and put it on this album because it sounds really good, but ik i can make it into music magic and maybe another remix from I am Britney Spears too  :orlynow:  So the album should be released around christmas :yay1: there will also be an intro :letsgetcrayzay: which is very different than the intro to my other album :xf1:  in a goodway. 



I might add some interludes, what do you guys think? :izudumb:


I will also be making a sampler so you guys can be prepared for the slayage  :gelis:

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