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I Am Completely Terrified.

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So I have this step stool that I keep folded in my dorm closet in case I need to reach for one of the hangers on the top rod of the closet but I never do so I never use it. 


I left my dorm tonight to hang out with a friend, and when I got back the stool was out. nothing is missing from my room, im just really fucking creeped out!! 


my roommate swears she didnt do it, and the only other people with access to our rooms are the dorm Resident Advisors but they need permission from us or at least to let us know in advance if they're gonna come in and they definitely dont have the right to touch our things.


Guys, I'm really really really fucking scared. creeped out that someone has access to my room first of all, and that they would come in and mess with my things but not take anything. it feels like someone is trying to scare me like in a fucking suspense thriller or something.


I'm gonna file a police report tomorrow but its doubtful they can do anything if nothing is even missing. they're just gonna be like "oh sorry that happened, we'll keep it on file. "


If something happens to me I just want you all to know that I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH and if you notice I havent posted on the forum in a long time, JeansusSpears might know something cause he's my friend on facebook where one of my friends or family will inform everyone of whats happened to me.


It might sound like a joke but I'm actually serious   :crying2:

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