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Which theme are you currently using?

The Guv'nah


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  1. 1. Which theme are you currently using?

    • Like An Alien
    • Universe
    • Britney Jean
    • Flowerly Paradise
    • Galaxy
    • In Style
    • Atmosphere

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I'm using Instyle too :wahlykeomg: I wish you could see more of her on the side though :shankyou:



Awesome, Thanks! I switched to "In Style" ;)



Me 2 she looks gorgeous!!



I change it every time i log on or every hour but I'm using In Style atm too


It's one of the more convenient themes to use if you want to check your notifications and etc



The best one: In Style. 


Yes! Y'all better stan for the best theme on Universe. :queenflopga:

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