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Murder Me Now I Have Had The Worst Day

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so I had to bring my car to the nct centre for its annual national car test.never have had any issue with the car before the drive to the centre was fine. they did the test they called to window for the results that's when they told me it didn't pass the test.not only that but they said something in the clutch system snapped during the test.


I wouldn't be able to drive it cos the clutch was broken so I wouldn't be able to put it into gear.and I needed to get someone to bring it to a garage to get fixed.the only help they offered was allowing me to use the phone. which was no good cos I forgot my mobile at home with all my numbers in it and I forgot my aaa membership card at home.


it seems this happens allot, I googled nct broke my car and loads of stories came up.they do be rough to the car during the test.they just said how it was not their fault and it would have broke  eventually. basically stop annoying us go sort it out yourself never mind being stranded in the middle of nowhere.


so I had to walk miles to get to a house of someone I knew in fucking chelsea boots. my feet are in bits/pain with blisters,blood carpet burn.then my uncle helped and got a mechanic he knew to tow it to their garage to get fixed.now I don't know how long it will take to get fixed . people who get to and from their different work with me don't know what they'll do.


it's hard  enough as a young woman dealing with car related things cos its male dominated. I remember bringing a car in for a full service and  the mechanics joked oh i'll give you a full service alright ha ha ha.


day from hell.I might see about getting a horse and a cart instead you'd be less likely to be ripped off .to resit again it will be another 55 euro.

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