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What are some of your best experiences in life?


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For example mine have to be:


-Getting engaged to my long term boyfriend

-i remember the joy i got out of passing my driving test and getting my car

-getting to see britney live and her smiling/waving at me

-meeting my second fave Tulisa and talking to her and the rest of her band and getting their autographs

-Going to Hawaii was seriously one of the best holidays i have ever had

-finding out who my true friends are, who i would do anything for


my minds gone blank at the moment, but what are your best experiences you've had where you've felt extremely happy?

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Okay my happiest moments are going to sound really simple but


Football games last year

Going to the pool with my friends 

Talking with this guy I was in love with 

Laughing so hard I can't talk


aw those sound like good memories tbh! the simple things can be so good :)

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i doubt you're stupid.

you just hover the mouse under where it says a persons 'points' or under their sigand it should show :)


edit: the irony i wasn't able to quote you as it would only say 'saved' and not that it was posted :D

When you want to QUOTE person that MENTION you, please DELETE your name from the QUOTE. Else it won't work tumblr_n3n44bDx711r36bj2o7_75sq.gif

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