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Ideas To Raise Money For A Good Cause?

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I have a six month old Australian Shepherd puppy and I just found out that she was born without properly formed hip sockets. So she's in pain daily, but there's a surgery for it. It's going to cost $14,000 for it. Which is a lot of money, but that dog has become my best friend in the past four months that there's no way I'm going to not try to raise money for it.

I made a GoFundMe Page https://www.gofundme.com/KodasSurgery and by no means am I asking that you donate (I'm not about to spam the forum asking for money, lol) but I would appreciate some feedback on what I put and and also ways that I can spread it so hopefully it'll reach some people who wouldn't mind donating.

The second thing I would like input on is fundraiser ideas. Has anyone done any fundraisers in the past that have been successful? Someone from the media here contacted me and said they would advertise for fundraisers for her, so I just want something that'll appeal to people, ya know?

Thanks for any input. :) 


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