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ooh la la

What Celebrities Have You Ever Seen.

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thought it would be fun to see what celebrities we have seen, and how we saw them. okay i'll go first.


mother teres (I saw her when i was a child she visited my home town and said a mass)

Amy Adams(I was in a clothes shop in dublin she was looking at clothes beside me

i saw two of our Irish presidents.

sionia o'sullivan athletic gold medal Olympian (i saw her running past me training)

prince Charles and Camilla during their state visit(also for like a month before the visit at night they used flying/loiter their helicopter over my mum and mums neighbours houses to practice the route.

mark feehiliy and kian egan from westlife in super market,shops and in their car.

charlie bird journalist/news reader in university he did a talk

some z list soap people

a children's presenter while I was in post office 

a tv chief

Michael moore  eating at a self service restaurant. the people he was with as I walked by  were looking/smiling at my plate like they never seen a girl eat a full irish breakfast before

that's all I can think of at the moment

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