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Let's talk about makeup y'all


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I love doing my makeup but I hate spending money on it...everything is so expensive and if you buy cheap stuff it looks like crap.

this product saved my life btw:


Truuu :mhm: I try to be economical about it. Brushes with synthetic hairs don't absorb your product so u can save a little like that. That's an awesome product! I make sure to exfoliate so my pores can stay clean

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I love putting makeup on myself and others, I always do my sister's makeup when she goes somewhere :) I don't do it professionally and I'm not good at judging brands since I don't have money to spend on good and expensive makeup, but I love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and learning new stuff about it! I LOVE doing the wing with eyeliner and I got pretty good at it after several times trying  :D My fave look is probably smokey eye, though.

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I LOVE makeup :P My favorite expensive brand is Mac and my favorite cheap brand is Revlon. I sometimes go for the cateye but really the only thing I ever need is the strong lip. Red is my favorite, idk if i'd be able to survive without red lipstick :lollipop:


Tbph I think MAC is a little overrated, but Revlon is definitely one of the best drugstore brands.  :xf1:


Does anybody have any advice on how to cover up undereye circles? I use foundation but it doesn't really do much tbh :lolokay:


I would suggest using a brightening concealer, specifically made for under eye circles, such as YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch or Clinique Airbrush Concealer. Foundation is not really meant to cover under eye circles, and opaque concealers can look cakey because they're only meant for pimples and stuff like that, so a brightening concealer will always be your best bet. :bffs:

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