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Any Serious Collectors?


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I made this tread so the serious collectors could talk about our Britney collections and help each other. Talk about your collection and post pictures too!

I've got all of her music - all of her albums, singles, promos, ep's DVDs, everything and it took forever. I've also got a lot of her rare dolls, school sets, posters, books, magazines, perfume, stickers, backpacks, tour merch and soooo much more.

Ever since I made my music set up to date, I've really started on her old merch from the early 2000s, she has so much, and some of it is really cool! That's really what I'm focusing on now, until B9 comes out.

I've tried to make my Britney collection very well rounded and diverse and it's been hard, but trough many connections and great sellers you can do it. Making a massive top notch collection like mine requires a lot of time and knowing people from all around the world and where to find stuff.

Another important thing apart from knowing what you want, is to know what is a waste of money and what isn't. It can get obsessive and when you figure out that you don't need 20 copies of the same album you're doing yourself a favor. I've never been a fan of having multiple copies of something unless they're unique.

If you're serious and are trying to collect something special and want more than just a basic cd and stuff collection join some Britney groups on Facebook. Britney Spears Collectors Helper is a great one. The owner Laura is very helpful. And also if you're someone who wants all of her singles on a physical CD, sorry to say it, but not all of them are, especially her promo singles. That's when you'll have to find the best high quality fan made singles. Their hard to find sometimes but on Facebook, the guy who runs Britney Spears Fanmade Store is great. He can make anything and professional quality. Have fun collecting! Hope this helped! 😄😄😄

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