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Sweet Story About A Rooster

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so our family have a flock of around ten hens and a rooster. i had to share this sweet story after which you won't look at kfc in the same way. so i went and gave them stale leftover cashew nuts. they were whole so the hens found them hard to eat. well guess what the rooster did he got every cashew nut in his beak and smashed  them up into little pieces  for his girls to eat. after he broke each one up he did a little clucking sound to tell them to eat it. he didn't eat any himself. 


another time when a fox was around he rounded up all the hens and marched them in the back door into the house all panicked. another time as well he did a run and kick at me every time i put medicine  powder on his hens when they let out a sound.roosters are such sweet animals and their really intelligent .

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