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Do Ciniemas Where You Live Still Sell Toffee Popcorn

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do cinemas where you live still sell toffee popcorn. so i went to the cinema about a week ago they no longer sell toffee popcorn. the reason being since it was bought by a cinema chain they did refurbishment. they banned it because they think toffee pop corn damages seats and flooring. i Googled it and it seems it is the same in the uk they have bans also. i may not bother going to the cinema any-more.i'll only admit it here but i choose what Cinema to go to in relation to where has the best toffee popcorn·they don't even do good pick and mix cos that's how poor our country has become they don't want the financial risk, they also only accept cash no visa debit cards. before the chain bought it up independently the business was bust.

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