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Power Rangers 2017 Movie -- 1st Official Trailer Released

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(Credit: Rangerboard.com)

Dacre Montgomery as (Jason) the Red Ranger.

Ludi Lin as (Zack) the Black Ranger. 

RJ Cyler as (Billy) the Blue Ranger

Becky Gomez as (Trini) the Yellow Ranger

Naomi Scott as (Kimberly) the Pink Ranger

Bryan Cranston as Zordon

Bill Hader as Alpha 5

Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa 


Aside from Becky G, the cast are relative unknowns with very little acting or modeling credits.  The race swapping of Zack, Billy, and Trini was expected since it was pretty controversial with the original series in season 1.  But a much more diverse cast that I expected and the new updated Ranger backstories that leaked in Aug sound more complex.


Having the supporting cast be the "bigger names" is a wise choice.  

The movie comes out Mar. 24th, 2017.   :pomsmile:

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