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Power Rangers 2017 Movie -- 1st Official Trailer Released


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(Credit: Rangerboard.com)

Dacre Montgomery as (Jason) the Red Ranger.

Ludi Lin as (Zack) the Black Ranger. 

RJ Cyler as (Billy) the Blue Ranger

Becky Gomez as (Trini) the Yellow Ranger

Naomi Scott as (Kimberly) the Pink Ranger

Bryan Cranston as Zordon

Bill Hader as Alpha 5

Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa 


Aside from Becky G, the cast are relative unknowns with very little acting or modeling credits.  The race swapping of Zack, Billy, and Trini was expected since it was pretty controversial with the original series in season 1.  But a much more diverse cast that I expected and the new updated Ranger backstories that leaked in Aug sound more complex.


Having the supporting cast be the "bigger names" is a wise choice.  

The movie comes out Mar. 24th, 2017.   :pomsmile:

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Im watching this, if y'all dont know I love PR I mean super sentai>>>> but PR is still good. (really the recent seasons havent been good and my interest wavered) but I'm excited for this


Maybe about two years ago I started viewing seasons beyond MMPR (I watched Zyuranger as well), and some of them are actually pretty good tbh.  I liked Time Force, In Space, and Lost Galaxy the most.  But I've stopped at Operation Overdrive.   :)






This will be in the sequel.   ;)

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Maybe about two years ago I started viewing seasons beyond MMPR (I watched Zyuranger as well), and some of them are actually pretty good tbh.  I liked Time Force, In Space, and Lost Galaxy the most.  But I've stopped at Operation Overdrive.   :)



This will be in the sequel.   ;)

Yea Operation Overdrive was awful, you should check out RPM, and Gokaiger :)


Those were also my fave seasons with RPM :D

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Here's some rejected concept artwork.  Some pretty good concepts but I hope the real thing is better.  


Pretty cool, futuristic-looking Command Center:




Scary ass looking Zordon:





Rita Repulsa looking like a cross between Catwoman & Maleficent:




A very tall Alpha 5:




Probably my fave out of all the concepts, Red Ranger zord:




Megazord in action and the cockpit:




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Since this thread is such a hit  :pieceofwhat: thought I'd update the release date being pushed back from January 13th to March 24th, 2017.  Which is a much better month and seems to show confidence in the project by Lionsgate.   :blackoutsmiley:



Here are the character bios that leaked months back:


Jason – 17 years old, the makings of someone or something great if he would just get out of his own way. Jason was a legend of this town—a freshman quarterback with the skills to take him all the way. People knew his name. Children wore his jersey. Until, one night Jason wrapped his car around a pole and busted out his knee. Everything Jason was going to become ended in an instant. And with it, he lost himself. When we meet him at the start of the film, he’s a kid in need of redemption. By the end, he’ll be leading this disparate group of teens to shed their individual baggage and find who they truly are.


Sounds like the result of a drunk driving accident  :nahnah:  and becomes the fallen hero. 


Kimberly – 17 years old, unconventionally cool all in a way the popular girls wish they were. In fact, she was one of those girls, but isn’t anymore. Not since she’s returned to school after an absence of 6 months. Rumors are flying as to why; rumors she seems not to care about, because she’s come back with this new rebel-without-a-cause, edgy attitude. But the truth is, it’s all masking a deep secret that makes her feel profoundly vulnerable.


Oh Kim, my favorite ranger and she is the messiest. :oops:  Sounds like an abortion is her ~secret~, and like Jason is a high school has been.   


Trini – 17 years old, mysterious and extremely bright. Her parents constantly move for work, making Trini the perpetual new girl to any school. A loner who owns it, Trini is self-sufficient, contemplative, but always observant. All she wants is to find her gang of friends, but she’ll never admit it – least of all to herself.


Trini is the new (boring) girl on campus.  :idgi:


Billy – 17 years old, slight and awkward. Billy is challenged in his abilities to communicate and interact socially. Whip-smart and sweet, but always odd. Sometimes in a fun way, sometimes not, Billy is a kid with no filter. Showing his emotions, understanding sarcasm, and dealing with his OCD is a constant challenge. Has never really had any friends and instantly gravitates towards Jason.


The brains of the group and I'm betting he'll be gay in this movie. Jasilly will rise in '17.  :eatandlaugh:

Zack – 17 years old, always the life of the party. Filled with bravado and swagger, Zack’s tough and cool on the exterior. A charming guy who’s never had trouble with the one-liner, nor lacked confidence around women. A great athlete that’s never wanted to play on any team but his own. Zack advertises everything about himself, except the truth, which is that he lives in a trailer park with his single mom, and because of it, feels deeply inferior to all his peers.


Zack is the insecure extrovert, I wonder if he'll be dancing and doing "hip-hop kiddo" too?  :embarrassed:

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when i was a kid i loved the power rangers and everything was so real and stuff, but now when i watch it and see the monster i just cant stop laughing


It's amazing how cheaply produced this show is, especially the first season, and yet managed to become a hit that spawned all sorts of merchandise.  :yeahkright:


Loved PR like 20 years ago. :D


Me too, which is why I'm actually pumped up for this MMPR reboot and hope it does well.  :yay1:

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I'm going to update this thread just for fun.  :orlynow:




Here's the first official cast photo and sneak peak of the Rangers.  They look like "teenagers with attitudes" :smokeney:  and director Dean Israelite gave an exclusive interview with EW and talked about the suits.



The Rangers’ suits will also be getting a update as well, thanks to Weta Workshop of Lord of the Rings fame, who fabricated the costumes. Israelite wanted the costume to be immediately recognizable as belonging to the Power Rangers, while give them a “really modern, edgy, badass, aspirational quality.â€


“We’ve really pushed ourselves to make them feel different from any other superhero costume that’s out there,†Israelite said. “One key that’s different to the Power Ranger suits is that they’re not really suits that people get into. They’re suits that morph onto our kids, so they already have this almost metaphysical quality to them.â€


So sort of like Mystique from the X-Men films?   :izudumb:


Anywho... I just read that the budget was originally set at $75 million but has now ballooned to about $120 million. (To put it into perspective that's way more than what the Hunger Games, Twilight, and Divergent received for their first films' budgets.)   Lionsgate isn't playing around, they want Power Rangers to be their next franchise.   :xf2:

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23 hours ago, Light Yagami said:

Elizabeth is insane so she fits the role perfectly

the rest of the cast is a beauty mix of like every race... very shallow choices

but I guess they were always like that


I used to love 'Big Bad Beetleborgs' more


Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, and RJ Cyler have actual acting muscles behind their names.   Notice how these 3 were highlighted more in the teaser and billed in that order at the end?  Dacre has just landed a role in the next season of "Stranger Things," Naomi is currently in the running for the female lead in a "Han Solo" spinoff, and RJ has garnered a lot of critical praise for his role in "Me and Earl and The Dying Girl."  Now Becky G and Ludi Lin perhaps, they weren't shown doing much of anything, especially Ludi.   I watched Becky G when she guest-starred on "Empire" and thought she was bad... so I'm hoping for the best and truly wanna believe she isn't stunt-casting  :iwannago:

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