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Who Would You Like To Be The New James Bond

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 so after seeing the new james bond film I  was surprised  it was packed with people. didn't think it was good there wasn't really any driving force of a story line.I actually nearly went to sleep,the new money penny was crap.she is too good looking,cool and confident.it lacked any sort of comedy that it had when pierce brosnan did it and bond had no suave. not feeling danial craig as bond. I think clive Robertson would make a good bond.


so did anyone else see it and what did you think.who do you think should be the next James bond

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I haven't seen it and don't plan on it cuz I heard it was pretty bad and a useless movie and I'm not into those types of movies. Also the fact that Daniel Craig said its his last film and that's he's getting tired of being bond, it's obvious he probably didn't put any enthusiasm into it :mhm:

As for who I'd like as Bond, I'm not sure I'm kinda stuck there. I'm pretty sure the old bond would be better cuz he did it first, but who knows :tbh:

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