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If Anyone Wants To Buy Adele's Album....


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I pre order 2 copies of BJ before the release too (even tho I already known that the album is shitty) photo-526.gif


But honestly Britney really deserved this record years ago, but now? Now Adele deserves it more than her + britney doesn't give a fuck about it tbh :bomt:

More than Britney years ago? :lips1:

I was jk anyway :selenerz: 

so yeah... 


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I don't get why this was moved to General. It's about BRITNEY'S RECORD....and how to keep it. 

Now, no one is going to see it, and it's pointless.

This website piisses me off sometimes.

lol chill, given how this is an indie forum, it's still on the "recent topics" section so everyone can see it as soon as they enter on Universe :mhm:


Back to OP: :orangu: The record has been threatened several times by now, and Britneys still got it.

But, even if she loses it to Adele, I don't think: 

a. Britney would mind - She loves Adele.

b. Britney would care, at all. - She's not after numbers anymore. :agreed:

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Even if Adele or anyone else breaks the record, Britney did it years ago when digital copies didn't exist or social network. And she was literary whoring herself everywhere promoting the album so it has more merit.
Britney worked harder than anyone else on BOMT & OIDIA eras to show everyone she was here to stay and become a legend, the legend she is today.

Adele, Taylor or any other artist from the last few years will NEVER get what Britney has achieved. 

Artists like Britney only happen once a century.

So good luck to the rest of basic bitches trying to reach Britney's status because they're gonna need it  :yeathatswhatsup:  

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