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My Britney Stuff For Sale


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Hey everyone, I have several Britney items I am willing to sell. If you're interested in any of the items below please let me know.


- Full V Magazine yellow cover 2011

- Pink curious in control bag with tags

- Unofficial calender 2010

- 2 dolls out of the box (crazy & btmyh)

- Full Glamour UK magazine 2006

- Britney Soap (unofficial but with her face on it)

- French book called Redemption

- Full magazine Britney Spears Super Special Angie Nichols

The Intimate Gift Box Lingerie with wrapping, tags, measuring tape etc.

Rare Fan Club Germany Member Letters

- Full Magazine Harpers Bazaar 2011

- Full magazine ELLE October 2011

- 4 rare Russian mini calenders 

Keychain Onyx Hotel Tour 2004

Full Magazine ELLE January 2010

- Cardboard promo material for a BritneyTM product & her bed sheets 

Calender 2005

- Full Magazine Cosmopolitan August 2010

Calender 2003

- Full magazine Popspecial by Ashley Adams

Nokia 3310 Phone Case

- Standee/Counterdisplay OIDIA era

- Standee/Counterdisplay Circus era

Full Magazine Life Story

Ooh La La Maxi CD Single 

- Two pepsi trucks still packaged

In Conversation CD

Your #1 Requests... And More! CD Single

Circus Tour Cup

- Femme Fatale CD

Toxic Maxi CD Single

- Britney Jean CD

Me Against the Music Maxi CD Single



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