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The Official Scream Queens Discussion Thread

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I can't believe we don't have one already but I thought there should be a Scream Queens thread here so we can discuss after every episode :yaknow:


who are your favorites?


one of my faves died last episode :crying1:


yes :crying1: RIP Predatory Lez and also RIP Nick Jonas :crying1:


my other faves are Chanel #5 and Chanel #6 :tbh: and lastly Hester 


of course I love Chanel #1 the most because she's fucking hilarious and fab, but we all know she's not gonna die :tbh: neither is Zayday or Grace but tbh they're kind of annoying... I think I just always prefer vilains tho :tbh::


anyways who do  you hope won't die?? who do you think is the killer? :waitWAT: I always thought it was Dean Munch but now I think it's that woman who Grace's dad likes :tbh: but idk and there are multiple so idk who else it could be :ashley:

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