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Happy Birthday Lukey Puta!


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Is it really His bday :o



Last time he told me it was the same day as Anthonys bday :selenerz:


ANYWAYS Happy Birthday Lukey #TheBestMariahnizerEver



P.A.R.T.Y. P.A.R.T.Y lemon Soju, and tequilla, and mojito :bomt:



Have fun in the 7 hours (argentina time :P) left in your birthday :goaway:

:selenerz: omg

Mariahnizers :selenerz:

Thanks Jorge :hug: Miss u on the shoutbox tbh :hug:


Happy birthday :D hope it's amazing

Love Joshney :trollney:

:moorangu: thank you Joshney :goaway::hug:

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