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Fun Ways To Exercise Besides Going To The Gym

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So if ur one of those people who really hates the gym but really needs exercise, you'll love this thread :)  So here are 5 8 fun ways to get exercise  :tomh:

1. Sports


Sports are a fun and competitive way to get exercise. I highly recommend games like soccer and basketball since there is no need to sit on a bench unlike games like baseball for example :orlynow:

2. Dancing


Dancing is a fun and creative way to get exercise. Doing routines similar to primeney are ideal, but if ur dancing skills are lower, feel free to use routines used in more recent tours like FFT and TCSB :twerkney:




Swimming is a fun way to cool off in the summer and get excerise. If u do not have access to a pool find a beach nearby. Try to go to a beach with no sharks and a watchful lifeguard   :uhhwut:



There are different types of running :britney-wellwellwell: Those are sprints and long distance :xtina1:  Sprints are quick and easy to burn weight while long distance has a longer impact :swag:  Plus long distance runners supposedly live 3 years longer :qtney2:


5. Sex


A normally sex session usually burns 144 calories :kay:  The rest is pretty self explanatory  :madonnagu:

Feel free to share more and i might add them to the list :)

7. Striping (Creds to Valetgirls)



Stripping can be a fun and sexy way to burn a lot of calories :tomh: Songs like Get Naked and IAS4U are good choices :hflip:


8. Biking


biking is great way to get around and can burn some calories too :fierceney:

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