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Design A Pom Costume! [Game]

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Have u guys ever looked at one of Britney's POM costumes and thought :umomg:  Well now u can design ur own costume :yas:  




:walkonby: Rules :walkonby:

U may use Britneybyme.com, a drawing that U drew, or photo shop

If an outfit is a duplicate, u will be asked to make a new one


There will be 7 outfits u can redesign 


entries must be sent by PM

WB, BOMT/OIDIA, MATM, Boys, Freakshow, Circus, and Toxic :)

U r allowed to redesign as many or as little outfits as u want

Example: u r NOT allowed to do 2 WB costumes, but u can do 1 WB, 1 FS, and 1 Toxic 




:omgawd: Prizes :omgawd: 

Paid for by @@Lady Lisa :hug:

First: 100,000

Second: 50,000

Third 25,000


:britsures: Players :britsures: 

@@Robert Morales




:surprise: Due Date :surprise: 



Please let me know If ur Playing :)




FYI if u r using  britneybyme.com,  just add the stomach and some other things it can really change the outfit

2lvhd9e.jpgCan become this23jgz1w.jpg

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