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Game Idea

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So recently I was looking at some of britney's POM costumes and thought :umomg:  So what if we redesigned them :aintevenmad:


So my idea is that we use photoshop, and other sites to redesign some of her costumes. For example, there's this britney dressup site called britneybyme.com and if you take an outfit, add the midriff accessery, and a new top or pants, and hairdo, it looks completely new :orlynow: . Plus to make it more exciting I'll turn it into a competition :o , but I need somebody to donate me shop points :crying1:  so if there's anybody who is willing to do this, I would be extremely grateful :crying5:  And if its true that britney does read our threads and people from her team read these threads, maybe they might use some our designs  :oya:

So please help :xf10:




Also you'll be able to vote for your favorite, not least favorite :orangu:

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