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When I'm Drunk Or High

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When I'm drunk or high, I feel like it's okay for me to tell everyone all my most intimate secrets or just share tmi about myself. Like today I was at my university organization's social event and I got really drunk (still am right now) and started telling this one girl all about my love/obsession with Britney and she was really nice about it but I always wonder if people think I am a weirdo when I start going on and on about about Britney. not because it's Britney bitch but I feel like most people aren't as fixated on celebrities period. sometimes I feel alienated from everyone else because I do have this part of my life that is kinda secret. I mean, not really because all my closest friends know about my adoration for Godney... but like it's not something that I would tell someone when meeting them and they ask me what are you interested in. :tbh:


Sometimes I feel like we are a cult.. a really fun and harmless one.


anyways enough of my drunk rant. Im gonna sleep it off now :orangu:


baiiii :Scooterney:

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