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Design An New Britney Era - Round 1


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Finally,it's here! 



Design An New Britney Era is a new Universe Game where the members are completely free to create an new Britney music era. This is the first version of this game here. Be creative and have fun.










Send me your votes in a new pm,everybody is allowed to vote even the players but you just can't vote for yourself.

Vote for your least favorite entry.


Deadline : 09/23





Brave & Confident:

1. Watch Me
2. I Play It Cool
3. Sick of You
4. Don't Need Y'all (feat. Tinashe)
5. The Other Side of the Moon
6. Same Words
7. Money Well Spent (feat. A$AP Rocky)
8. Independent
9. No More Tears
10. Long Gone
11. Better Without You
12. Small Town

1st Single: Money Well Spent (Solo Version) (Version with A$AP Rocky is just in the album, not in the single).

There is no story of the album at all, is just a message to the fans (and everybody) that they can be independent, that's why the name is "Brave & Confident" because you can be brave and confident without any man or girl with you. This album have a vibe of Alternative/R&B but at the same time Pop.

Some of the producers would be (not in the album in general, just in some songs): Cashmere Cat, Stargate, Jason Eviga, etc. To have an idea of how i want the album to sound you can listen to albums like Nick Jonas (by Nick Jonas),Aquarium (by Tinashe), Revival (by Selena Gomez) and lyrically i want it to be like Reflection (by Fifth Harmony), that kind of album is what i want.

Release date of the 1st single: 06/01/16

Release date of the album: 08/01/16 (Surprise release with the video of the second single)







Britney Spears' newest studio record has just been released and it as surely stirred the market composed of 10 never released song material reworked alongside 2 completely new tracks Red Carpet and Downtown. Miss Britney Spears herself has been involved with the making of the album being it's executive producer and writer of most songs of the album. 




“ Red Carpet †or the lead single of the album is a brand new track written by Britney Spears and Michelle Bell and produced by Bloodshy & Avant which speaks about the troubles of fame and how easy it is to get lost in it all with the lyrics â€œYou've stepped out there, almost loosing air. Paparazzi swarming, out of your house you're storming.†She sings“ It's all fame and target, being on the red carpet. â€.



“ Rock Star (feat.  Mariah Carey) †is the second single off the album featuring the elusive chanteuse herself written originally by Britney Spears and Christopher Stewart while the new chorus being work of Mariah Carey respectively. The two divas united on the song showing a perfect blend of their voices specially on the lines “ XO, no love I'm gonna give you

XO, oh love I never knew youâ€.
“ Sippin' On †is the third and final single from the album known as alternately "What Ya Sippin On"  where Britney speaks about her past relationship which clearly went faulty. The song was written by Christopher Stewart and Britney Spears and produced by Danja. 
Britney's new album is all fans have wanted from the Princess of Pop, good vocal performance and quality songs and Britney herself surely did impress. Producers and writers commented on her work ethic and her involvement with the album itself praising Britney saying she really put her heart and soul into the album. The title of the album portrays Britney as the puppet she once was and still is but then again shows that she can rebel out by making the album her own. 
The album is set to release November 30th 2013 and produced in collaboration between Danja and Bloodshy & Avant.
Bonus Tracks version includes: Sippin' On (feat. AC), When I Say So, Pull Out
Deluxe Album version includes: Sippin' On (feat. AC), When I Say So, Pull Out, Red Carpet (Bloodshy & Avant remix)
Limited Edition version includes:  Sippin' On (feat. AC), Kiss Me All Over, All That She Wants. 
The Puppet Master Tour


Set list:

Opening Act

1. Red Carpet

2. Gimme More/Piece Of Me Medley

3. Peep Show

4. Downtown


Backalley House

5. I'm A Slave 4 U

6. 3 (Dark Remix)

7. Lace and Leather

8. Get Naked (I Got A Plan)


Abandoned Masquerade

9. Forest Dreams Interlude

10. Hold It Against Me (Slow Remix)

11. Oops I Did It Again (Ballad Mix)

12. Shadow


Chic Diva

13. Rock Star (feat. Mariah Carey on certain dates)

14. Circus

15. If You Seek Amy

16. Radar


Final Premiere

17. Baby One More Time (Final Remix)

18. To Love, Let Go 





B R I T N E Y   S P E A R S

M I R A G E 

The era starts with a mysterious video on her youtube account.

The video starts on a desert with mirrors all over the sand that reflects Britney wearing a black and gold gown with her voice on echo saying:
“Nothing is what it seems. It’s all an illusion.â€
And the video ends up fading with her laugh on echo. 

2 days later she announces the album title with a gif on twitter where she's spinning/dancing on the sand
while the album's name/logo is flashing like a mirage.

One week later she shares the album cover & release date: 2016 6th of January.




2 weeks later she uploads a preview of the lead single "Illusion" on her soundcloud profile with the single cover:




On the preview you can listen the chorus:

"You’re like an Illusion

I see you everywhere
No matter where I go
I think I’m going insane
Like a mirage on the desert
A sweet dream on a summer night
I need your love
I’m craving for your skin touching mine."

One week later she releases the music video. 

The video starts with her walking on the streets and she sees a guy's face that she recently met everywhere. No matter where she goes, she can only see him.
She runs into the woods, confused and scared and she even see the wolves & owls turn into him
She goes to the darkest part from the woods and between the fog she enters into a labyrinth of mirrors and keeps seeing him on every mirror following her. At the end of the labyrinth she founds him waiting for her and they kiss.

After premiere the video she puts "Mirage" on preorder and announces the tracklist:




Britney gives an interview on the same day to talk about the album to KIIS FM where she says the album is kinda personal but mostly about love. About keep believing in love after being heartbroken. The era will have a very "artsy fartsy" aesthetic.

The promo agenda includes:

American Promo:
KIIS FM interview
GMA interview + performance.
Performances on Conan O'Brein Show
MTV "Mirage" special with her talking about the album, answering questions from the fans invited to the show. Making-of & exclusively performing songs from the album.
Performance on Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

International/UK promo:
Interview + performance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man and announcement of a small UK Residency on the O2 Arena London.
BBC Radio 1 interview + performance in acoustic.

2 Performances on UK X Factor (One of the performances with the contestants) 








Britney Spears : Autobiography Era



1. Album: Britney Spears: Autobiography

  A. Overview

  B. Tracklist

2. Promo

  A. Singles Lineup

      I. Standard Edition

      II. Re-Release Singles

  B. Promo Plan

  C. Magazine Covers

3. Concerts & Tour

   A. Britney Live At The Allure Of The Seas

      I. Overview    

     II. Main Set

     III. Acoustic Set

   B. A Secret World Tour

     I. Tour Info

     II. Concert Synopsis

     III. Reception – Commercial Success

     IV. Broadcasts & Recordings

     V. Setlist

     VI. Dates



1. Album: Britney Spears: Autobiography


A. Overview


 This album is Britney's first chance to speak to the world about her life through her music. Her past, her present, her future, her kids, her family, her love life, her inner soul and feelings. It is compiled personally by her featuring songs she recorded in the past that speak the best about her feelings. Every song is a story, a story full of feelings. You can feel her thoughts, her feelings and hear the story as only she could talk about it through those songs.


B. Tracklist



Main Album


01. Pretty Girls (Featuring Iggy Azalea)


02. Guilty


03. Look Who's Talking Now


04. 911


05. Tom's Diner (Featuring Giorgio Moroder)


06. Unbroken


07. Rockstar


08. Strangest Love


09. Love To Love You


10. State Of Grace


11. Telephone (Featuring Lady Gaga)


12. Everyday


13. And Then We Kiss



Double Deluxe Edition Bonus Disc (released 1 year later)


01. Rebellion (Intro)


02. Mona Lisa


03. All That She Wants


04. Money Love & Happiness


05. Ouch


06. (Tell Me) Am I A Sinner?


07. Baby Boy


08. Burnin' Up


09. And Then We Kiss (Radio Edit)




2. Promo



A. Singles Lineup



I. Standard Edition



01. Pretty Girls (Buzz single) (#29)


02. Unbroken (Lead Single) (#1)



03. Telephone (2nd Single) (#1)

04. Guilty (US 3rd single) (#5)


05. Look Who's Talking (International 3rd single) (#3)


06. Everyday (US 4th single) (#18)


07. State Of Grace (International 4th single) (#8)


08. Strangest Love (5th single) (#5)




B. Magazine Covers



01. Rolling stone Magazine (January 2016)


02. Vanity Fair (January 2016)


03. Cosmopolitan (February 2016)


04. V Magazine (Spring 2016)


05. People Magazine Special issue (March 2016)


06. Billboard Magazine (April 2016)


07. In Style (September 2016)


08. Vogue (December 2016)


09. Rolling Stone Magazine (May 2017)




3. Concerts & Tour


A. Britney Live At The Allure Of The Seas


I. Overview

Britney is the first A-list artist ever to have a deal for a high profile cruise ship residency. The contract, worth 30 Million US Dollars demands 2 Different shows (1 90minute show and a 1hour acoustic set) both performed once a week.


II. Main Setlist


Act 1


1. Unbroken

2. Look Who's Talking!

Welcome To The Show Speech

3. Oops I Did It Again/ Baby One More Time


Act 2


4. Pretty Girls/Boys (The Co- Ed Remix)

5. Guilty


6. State Of Grace


Act 4


7. Everytime

8. Slave For You/ Love to Love You


Act 5


9. Tom's Diner

10. Breathe On Me


11. Perfume


Act 6


12. Circus/Womanizer

13 Telephone



Act 7


14. Toxic (Acoustic& Dance)

15 Gimme More

Fake Encore

16. Till The World Ends


III. Acoustic Set





1. Baby One More Time


2. The Beat Goes On


3. Passenger/ Born To Make You Happy



4. Lucky/Piece Of Me

5. Criminal/ Perfume


6. Hold It Against Me

7. Womanizer

8. Slave 4 You


9. State Of Grace

10.Strangest Love


11. Someday

12. Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know
13. Open Arms

14. Everyday


15. Everytime

16. Toxic


B. A Secret World Tour


I. Tour Info

After ending her 2 year residency in Las Vegas, Britney felt the need to reconnect with her fans worldwide after reading all the comments about fans struggling to visit Vegas to see the show. She said her vision for this tour is to visit the most places she has ever visited on a single tour. She put together a great team of people to help her organize her tour dates in a way that she would not get tired of touring but also visit every single place she could. So after a lot of research she put together an ideal program of 158 Dates in 57 countries around the 6 continents of the world. She said she was very excited to visit places she has never visited in the past

   The show, directed by Jamie King, aimed to combine the best elements from every single Britney tour. She said she wanted the band and the stunts to resemble the Dream Within A Dream Tour, the technology of the Onyx Hotel Tour, the innovative stage and props in the style of the Circus Starring: Britney Spears Tour, remixes and interludes in the style of the Femme Fatale Tour and the great setlist in the style of the Vegas shows featuring many old hits and some new songs.

   The tour had 3 different stage designs for every different venue type, becaused based on her past experience an arena stage looks tiny and hidden inside a huge stadium and the same arena stage could not really fit inside the smaller venues. The main stage, which is the same in all the 3 designs, had state of the art technology, the best of any tour in the history of touring. The stage had countless

moving parts including hidden props emerging from the floor, staircases elevators, outrageous lightning effects, a 3d screen and many other screens around it. The sound system was designed to give the best audio experience to everyone in the venue. What changed between the variations of the stage is the end of the stage. At the main arena version there was a “B†shaped catwalk with 2 satelite stages . The stadium version had an extra long catwalk including an elevating and rotating platform and a b stage at the end of the catwalk. At the smallest stage there isn't a catwalk and the b stage is mounted at the end of the main stage. The show also has all the kinds of special effects (rain, fire, thunders, wind, snow and even an artificial rainbow.

   The costumes of the tour were designed by many designers including Donatela Versace, Roberto Cavali, Dsquared and even some outfits designed by Britney herself. The costumes had to look good but also helping Britney to move a lot more fluidly. Also there were brand new costumes every new leg. Fran Cooper was hired to do Britney's make-up for the tour and Kim Vo was the hair stylist. All the shoes were designed by Britney's past dancer and shoes designer Aminah Abdul-Jillil. Britney said that choosing Aminah to design her shoes was the best thing she could do because she was not just a dancer but also her dancer for many years in the past and knew how hard it is to dance on heels or “walk a mile on her shoes†as Aminah said.

  The setlist of the tour was compiled by Britney herself with the help of an online poll asking the fans “Which past hits you want Britney to include on her upcoming tour?â€. The first version of the tour setlist includes 18 past hits, some of them in medleys, 10 new songs and 2 covers making it her setlist with the most songs included. Throughout the tour there were many setlist changes to keep the show fresh and up to date. The songs were remixed by Simon Ellis who remixed songs for the Circus Tour, The Femme Fatale Tour and Britney: Piece Of Me in the past.


sorry i couldn't put everything,but if you want to read the rest download it here : http://www.mediafire.com/download/6di7c6pzf6a5cxk/Britney+Spears+Autobiography.rar



the link : http://www.mediafire.com/view/6ba14pg7wniqbag/YDKM.pptx#





After so many requests from the fans Britney Spears finally releases a sort of "Blackout 2.0",let's call it like that ! "Explicit" is a pop/urban album produced by her. It includes 10 exclusive songs and 4 unreleased songs that were supposed to be for the "Blackout" album. 
Album Release Date : 11/07



Lead Single : 
The provocative and confident Britney that we all know and we all love is ready to shock the world proving once again that she still got it in this new track named "Illusion".
Release Date : 10/15


Album Box :
what's included : 
- A physical copy of "Explicit" album
- Exclusive photos 
- A letter from Britney
- Exclusive "Explicit" Shirt
And more surprises...
Prize : $ 49.95

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