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Pop Stars Conspiracy Theories !


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Britney (Mk ultra breakdown)

Aaliyahs death (Jayz/Dame Dash)

Diana's death (Exposed Royal Family as "reptiles*)

MJ's life AND death (so much to cover..)

Tupac (Assassinated because of too much power)

Bob Marley (refused to join the cult because of Rastafarian lifestyle)

Abe Lincoln (not really assasinated...went to live in a bunker in Mexico)

JFK (assasinated for exposing " secret societies")

Marilyn Monroe life and death (the ORIGINAL MK ULTRA/BETA SEX kitten)

9/11, The Oil Spill, and Earthquakes predicted in the Illuminati Card Game

Madonna and Nicki's death ritual to Whitney Houston

The Sandy Hook incident (never happened)

Bin Ladens "death" (fake..happened on May 1st, the holiest day of the mystery religion)

Do you guys know any or do yall have any interest in these kind of topics.

I'll start with Britney bcz well this is BSN.

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