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Regarding Britneyarmy.fr And Their Lil Leak

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It all started when RCA reached out to us and RTed our tweet about the contest.

Admins from britneyarmy.fr got pissed and began tweeting us saying how we copy-pasted BH, how BH is the only real Britney fansite out there, how we should fuck ourselves and what not.


I have no idea what's gotten into them but whatever that was - it was really fun to watch them going apeshit for no apparent reason. Wrote them an open letter via twitlonger.com after which they blocked us so I assumed they took a chill pill. But no.


They photoshopped one of those 2008 Rolling Stone pictures we leaked a few months ago and "leaked" it on their website.


This is what happened afterwards.


Made this screencap just in case they remove the post.




Yep. There were no leaks today. Not on this planet. :pieceofwhat:

You feast on drama you create, so its about time it blows up in your face. :pieceofwhat:

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