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I'm exhausted and sick and have an important exam today


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everyone pray for me because I feel like I'd rather jump into a pool filled with petrol and light a match than write this A2 Accounts exam today, despite studying in the past few days I just feel half dead and really demotivated   :wowidc:  

anyway, I'll be offline all day today so keep posting and making sure things are okay here  :xf6:

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Good luck!!!! and get off of here and go study :frenchy:


I'm about to bab  :frenchy:  

I woke up like 20 minutes ago, just had a shower and a bowl of cereal (hazelnut krave) now I'm drinking coke because I need some sugar and I'm gonna leave for 5 hour revision in about 30 minutes  :bored:  :)

thanks anyway ;) 

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