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Top Answers Game | Universe Edition

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hello everyone  :frenchy:



• There will be 5 rounds

• Each round will consist of 10 questions

• The point of the game is to answer what you think most people will answer!

• You get points according to the amount of people who chose the same answer as you did






Name a #1 song by Rihanna

We Found Love - 9

Only Girl (In The World) - 7

Umbrella - 6

Diamonds - 3

S&M - 1


The most people answered 'We Found Love' so that is the Top Answer. Every person who answered that gets 9 points. People who answered Only Girl will get 7 points, and so on. The only person who answered S&M gets one point.


Please do NOT post your answers in the threads or share them with anyone - that is cheating 


PM Me Your Answers of these Questions




1. Name a Disney character

2. Name the most underrated artist

3. Name a fast food restaurant chain

4. Name something you would find at a birthday party

5. Name a fruit you can eat with one bite

6. Name an artist that will be performing at the 2015 VMAs

7. Name an artist that should be performing at the 2015 VMAs, but isn't

8. Name a song by Britney  that everyone knows

9. Name the most overrated celebrity

10. Name a fear many people have



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