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To Everyone, I Might Not Be On For A While


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I haven't been as active as i have been for the past week or 2 due to problems with my computer. My computer has officially broke (won't log me into my account, just crashes and restarts and crashes again and etc) Until i get it fixed (I might just try to get another computer when I can cause mine is almost 4 years old with very little space :gloria: Anyways I'm not leaving the site, i just can't be as active as i use to be because of the issue, I do have an iPad which i can try to see if i can come online through that, but if I'm not online don't think i left :hug:

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Aww that's so bad, I'll miss you! (this sounds weird considering we don't know each other and we've never talked but you're a really cool member and in this forum we're all like family so :gloria: )

Lol, thanks :) I'll definitely try to log on through my iPad but ill probably be slower since its not like a computer :gloria: 

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