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Does Anyone Here Have Experience With Car Insurance

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so i  was in an accident a lady was on the inside lane when she was trying to enter the roundabout,i was on the outer lane. She was also behind me in her lane. The she crossed over into my lane hit me on the drivers side at the back and continued till she ended up beside up beside the wing mirror.so the whole drivers door is mashed. The insurance came to the conclusion she is 75% responsible and i'm 25% responsible cos i should have been in the inner lane. They told me to get an estimate  i did in the garage i bring it to get serviced,but for other things they are overpriced. so if you file  the claim with the estimate of the dearer garage can you then keep the money but bring it to a cheaper garage to fix it.would you get in trouble, cos still at 25% plus the insurance 75%  it is expensive.

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