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Kanye West To Receive Mtv's Video Vanguard Award At Vmas


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sorry but the Vmas are shit now, they lost their touch back in 2011 (not saying it cause of britnye) but Britney is a part of it... MTV is digging its grave more and more, choosing miley cyrus as the host, tuns this very boring and predictable, we know something ''outrageous'' is going to happend but slutty cyrus is so 2013,


This vmas is going to be full of Taylo swift and kardashian... nothing special, fill with boring acts, they don't get what we want to see. we want entreating acts, something cool and unique no the same acustic, boring or sluty act, pretty much most of the nominies are who r they or one hit wonders. 


sorry but not waisting my time with something that is pretty much done and overrated




and dear MTV 



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