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How Do I Get My Cats To Like Me?


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My cats only want me for few things. Like opening doors for them, cleaning their litter box, and replacing their food stock. That's about it.


Jackson is the alpha male. He's quiet and gentle and owns the house. He is the least affectionate and has never cuddled me once. I don't remember the last time he genuinely felt okay with me petting him or holding him. He'll tolerate it for a while, but then he'll get annoyed and walk away, after about 20 seconds. He doesn't like to be in my room at all and will scream until I let him out. He gets mad at me when I don't let him outside but doesn't really do anything to piss me off, other than drink out of my water cups when I'm sleeping and then spill them. Usually, on me. Sometimes he'll sleep on my dresser. The only time Jackson has ever really been sweet to me is when he's done something bad, like peeing on my clothes. (Which he hasn't done in a while) or when he's extremely high. (On catnip, but he likes to hotbox with me in my car in the winter.)





Shamu is his twin brother, and he's such a sweetheart. I lowkey think he's autistic, or extremely dumb. I know for a fact he has anxiety. Every time he sees a spray bottle or any aerosol can, he freaks the fuck out. He's scared of the mist-spray because I tried to use one to train him when they were both younger, but he's straight up traumatized by them. I feel kinda bad :crying3: but he's sweet. He's the most affectionate. He'll knead and suckle on the blanket I use when I'm trying to sleep :goaway: And when I'm asleep, he doesn't bother me, he'll find somewhere in my room to sleep. His favorite is on top of my bookcase. He talks a lot, he legitimately meows back at me during conversation.  :yas:




Then there's Cookie. She's the only girl and she's extremely tiny. And skittish. She doesn't like being in my presence. She'll see me and run. She's straight up scared of everyone that isn't my little sister. She doesn't let me hold her at all, or even pet her. When she does, it's for a very short time. She hates being in my room and hides whenever I force her to be in my room. Even when I leave the door open for a week, she still doesn't get used to me. And it's kind of annoying. But it's alright, I know I can't force her to love me, but I mean, damn  :frenchy:

She won't even accept treats or food from my hand. I have to put it down and walk away for her to eat it. It's so shitty.

When I sit near her when she's mad or upset, she just lays down with her paws tucked underneath her and her eyes shut, but occasional blinking at me. When I hold her close to me, she tenses and barely moves until she can find an escape.

Like in this photo. She's so uncomfortable.





Any ideas? 2ho9vfk.jpg

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