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Your 100th breatheheavy related thread


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Thes threads are out of control. I never felt comfortable posting or sharing my standom on exhale. It was always put to some challenge by a group lurking in some dark negative polluted atmosphere with people taking their anger of some fan site that was so improperly mismanaged. Breatheheavy, exhale and Jordan are less related to Britney as Paris hilton and miley cyrus!! So in respect to the admin: keep the forum related to britney! Not what's his/her boyfriends face :)

To be clear I LOVE this forum and just want it stay pure. Let's all move on and start ...


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Are you saying that it's universe's comeback era, or the BArmy's comeback era?

I feel like an artists era is only as fun as the fans wanna make it. The last era had improvements at best and little to no regressions at worst. The fan base was distorted and discouraged seeing the worst of the worst thrown in their faces and distorted and shaded everyday. A lot of people had no chance to appreciate it on their own terms

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