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So I Broke My Foot A Week Ago And Didn't Get Help Until Today.


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Last Friday night (YEAH WE DANCED ON TABLE TOPS AND WE TOOK TOO MANY SHOTS) literally I got really drunk and stayed over at my lesbian friend's house. I passed out on her bed because that's what we do #drunkproblems


anyway I had to pee really bad because when you're drunk and you start pissing you have to piss like every thirty minutes, it's fucking annoying. 

So I got up from Paige's bed, which is just a cheap, bouncy mattress on the floor, and somehow, I ended up falling really hard. I woke up everyone in the house and they came to check up on me, and I knew I fucked up my foot. But no one helped me up :orangu: because they were too drunk to help me too.


So I just put ice on it and took advil and whatever over-the-counter pain meds I could find and thought I'd be okay. But it's been a week, so I decided to go to the emergency room. It's not swollen anymore but it's definitely still bruised. A lot. Purple and blue and shit.


I just got back from the Emergency Room and they told me I have a metatarsal break on my left toe. What's funny is that this picture is the exact bone where it broke.




I've literally been walking around and delivering pizza and going about my normal life while limping around pretending like it was nothing... And I actually had broken my fucking foot.


I handle pain like a pro.



Eat my ass :ashley:

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Guest Lᴜᴠ3�ɪ♥Hᴀᴛᴇ�ɪ

get well soon! take care and be careful next time! <3

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