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Lady Lisa

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale (Spoiler Alert)

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CeCe is Charles and Charles is Charlotte - Charlotte is A and at the same time black hoddie


Bethany killed Toby's mom and bethany was going to kill Alison 'That Night' but Mona ended killing her...so Bethany is "dead".


Black widow and Red Coat is Sara Harvey..she was a fake person and she ended going to hospital.


so who is the 'He' haunting Alison?

 is Tanner #TeamA ?



looking for some updates or spoiler about the start of 6x11 i found those spoilers:


Alison take care of Charlotte/CeCe/Charles/A



Hanna is hearing wedding bells 


Answers about Ian



He could be Alison husband in the time jump (a doctor)



Looks like Emily's father is dead 11885299_10153500831567552_3406363899997

Wren will be back 

Finally the moms were out of the basement that night! gladly

The 'He' ithat is haunting Ali s not Charlotte/CeCe

Ezra will release his book and he will be working in another one (after the time jump)

There will be new characters...Aria will have a new boy toy called Liam

The other one will be Jordan and he works at the fashion industry




Put the A message in Hanna’s teeth

Put the fingers in Spencer’s dress

Put Emily in the box in the sawmill

Put snake in dressing room

Killed Wilden

Dropped Jason down the elevator

Drove into Emily’s House

Blew up Toby’s house

Kidnapped Mona

Drowned Jenna

Wilden killed Garrett.

Shana shot Ezra.

Sara saved the girls from the lodge.

Mona hit Bethany.





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