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Mrs Jared Leto

I Hate Fatshaming

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i'm not really skinny and it's the most awful and annoying thing when people drive by when i walk and slow down just to turn their head and look at me or when people walk and pass me and drop a weird comment. it's also annoying when you look at me, point at me and make it obvious you talk/laugh about me.


like what the fuck is wrong with y'all? dont you think it hurts and gets frustrating? its not really helpful. guess what i do have a mirror and i do know that i dont wear a size 0, calm the fuck down.


it should be legal to beat the shit out of them tbh. and its not just young adults or teenagers, its also kids (congrats to the parents who raised their kids really "good") and old people.....



:frenchy: :frenchy: :frenchy:





i mean you want a piece of me?

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