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main page #takemetostageney By @britneybyme!

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Eduardo Sanches Morelli is a very talented Artist, A Britney Army Solider and he wants on that stage Tonight! So much that he's used his drawing skills to create cartoon versions of Britney, her dancers, "Fe", Larry Rudolph and a few others on his Instagram / Facebook page @BritneyByMe. He's hashtagged #TakeMeToStageNEY in hopes that they might use him for the "Freakshow" number at Tonight's performance of "Piece of Me". We applaud him for his talented efforts so Britney Galaxy is #TeamEduardo today and WE WANT TO SEE HIM ON THAT TONIGHT TOO! Here's a few of Eduardo's #TakeMeToStageNey drawings of Fe and The Dancers:


" I love Britney. I think she is a sweet and down-to-earth person. She has made so many iconic things in this industry. She's an inspiration for me. She has been a presence in my life since I was a kid. So I decided to mix two things that I really love: Britney and drawing! So the @BritneyByMe project was born (#CartooNEY, #MangaNEY and #TakeMeToStageNEY). I personally showed them to Britney last year. She loved them!" Be sure follow and check out the rest of Eduardo's Collections of Britney drawings, including #CartooNEY and #MangaNEY, at @BritneyByMe on Instagram and Facebook.

We will be crossing our fingers tonight Eduardo and KEEP DRAWING and Slaaaaaayyyying the Britney Army with your SKILLZZZ!

Read it on our mainsite!

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