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David Robichaux Meet And Greet Story With Britney Spears! #pieceofme


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We are LOVING this meet and greet photo!

Check out David Robichaux meet and greet story:

This past week, me and my sister flew to Vegas to see Britney Spears's Piece of Me show. We had already seen the show last April, but this time we had a meet and greet before the show.

Two hours before the show, we met up with Britney's assistant/long time family friend, Fe (Felicia). She gave us a very detailed behind the scenes tour. She began by taking us onto the stage and was very in depth about everyone's job and everything it takes to put on a Britney Spears production.

As we walked backstage Fe warned us to watch our step because some people (my sister) had already tripped and fell just walking up to it. We got a close up view of her props, such as the giant angel wings and the ring of fire for Circus. Fe even explained how some of the props used for Circus in the show were actually the same props from the Circus tour.

We then went upstairs to wardrobe where we got to meet Britney's costume team. They showed us all of the wide variety of costumes Britney gets to choose from. We got to see the ones she's started the tour with, the ones she wears now, and some of the costumes that haven't been debuted on stage yet. Fe explained how quickly they have to change Britney's costumes and how Britney is always trying to find some way to help them in the changing process even though she doesn't have to. They said it's the southerner in her that is always willing to help.

What shocked me most in wardrobe is that they still have some of her costumes from previous tours (the onyx hotel and circus) hanging on the racks. I wonder if she'll ever bring them back.

After Fe so kindly showed us all around backstage and shared some pretty entertaining stories about the show and what happens behind the scenes, it was time to meet Britney.

We gathered at the top of the arena while we waited for Britney to be finished with her hair and makeup. Suddenly I see three familiar faces walking up to us. It was Britney's mom, Lynne, and her two sons. They came up to say hi and visit with Fe and were so nice. We then all walked outside to go over the do's and don'ts about meeting Britney. Britney's sons skateboarded and played outside while security explained all of the rules for the meet and great.

Fe told us not to be nervous and to say anything that we wanted to say or ask while we had the chance. She told us that if we introduce ourselves, Britney will probably do the same. Even though she is Britney Spears, she doesn't think about how huge she really is or that her introduction is not necessary.

Fe also explained that Britney is very shy but feeds off of everyone's energy. So if you keep the conversation going, she will be much more talkative and interactive. Fe told us not to be nervous or stand offish just because it's Britney Spears. She told us not to be scared to get close to Britney for the picture because when people stand far away it just looks awkward and unnatural. She explained how Britney is a normal person just like us. So if you treat her as such, she will feel much more comfortable around you, which will make your meet and greet so much better and memorable.

We then lined up back inside and one by one walked backstage again to meet Britney. Me and my sister were one of the last people to go. Although we were pretty starstruck, we did our best to keep it cool and not react like a crazy, creepy fan.

I walked backstage to see not only Britney standing there but her mom, kids and manager, Larry. Britney looked stunning but I kept reminding myself to stay calm and collected. I shook her and, smiled and introduced myself. She was very sweet and polite. I told her I was from Louisiana too and that started a nice conversation since we shared that common background.

She then leaned in to take a picture but I stopped her. I wanted our picture to be different. Everyone usually smiles with Britney but I wanted to change it up so I asked her to do an LSU point. She looked at me funny at first but after I explained what it was, she was all about it. (An LSU point is just pointing your index finger to the side. It's what the LSU cheerleaders do at games when they spirit.)

We held our arms up for our picture and Britney actually stuck out her tongue to be silly, which I absolutely loved! I'm sure she gets tired of taking the same picture of just smiling over and over.

I then thanked her, wished her good luck for the night and happily walked off the stage. Larry must have liked our pose for the picture too because he kept smiling at me as I walked off. Or maybe he just thought I was a crazy weirdo, I'm not too sure.

Anyway, the actual meet and greet was very quick but I'll never forget it. The longer you keep the conversation going, the more time you'll have with her. Britney and her entire family/team are so nice and very supportive. Thank you Britney-Galaxy.com for letting me share my story! I just want to relive those few minutes over and over again

Thanks for sharing your story with us David and we are so thrilled that you got to do a special pose with Britney.

If you have a meet and greet story you would like us to feature be sure to contact Britney-Galaxy!

Read it on our mainsite!
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