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Full #prettygirls Performance! #pieceofme


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It's cute but her energy was on the lower end thruout.  I still love this song.   :fliph:




Right?  Like why isn't she lipping all her parts?   :umomg:

I know right! She didn't lip sync to any of her parts apart from the rap verse  :zoomzoom: They should of gotten rid of Iggy from the song entirely like they did with Madonna on MATM, if Madonna can't be on the track then Iggy should definitely not be aloud on it  :displeased:  :omg1:

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This performance has SO much potential! They need to completely get rid of the Iggy part though, the beginning is awkward because she's trying to interact with Iggy like bbma, but she isn't there and they don't have a dancer standing in for her either. If they get rid of iggys parts and rework the beginning of the performance it will be even better than what it is

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