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Christopher Sautner Throwback Meet And Greet Story With Britney Spears! #britneysuperfans @britneyspears


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It's #BritneySuperFans time!

Check out Britney Army member Christopher Sautner meet and greet story from 2000:

Hello my name is Christopher Sautner and I wanted to share My Britney Meet and Greet story with all of you. My Meet & Greet story is from 2000. The year 2000 was one of the worst but best years in my life. I became very sick with what seemed to be a very bad cold/Flu the doctors would say rest up it will get better until one day I collapsed in the hospital and slipped into a coma. The sickness I had was called Guillain-Barre syndrome with that I had Encephalitis & Meningitis in the brain. Flash back before I got sick I was a 13 year old who had Britney Spears Posters all over my wall and played her …Baby One More Time CD on replay. So back to my story 6 weeks in a coma and I can remember opening my eyes and seeing the most beautiful Poster on my wall wondering my I could not move and why I had tubes coming out of I just wanted my Mom the nurse ran to get my Mom and she explained to me that I should not be scared I was paralyzed from the neck down I had a tracheostomy tube coming out of my neck a feeding tube out of my stomach and a catheter. No being able to talk was very hard my Mom would as me questions and I would just Lip what the answer was and she would do her best to figure out what I wanted. She asked me many times what I wanted from Home and all I wanted was my Britney CD. The next day my Mom brought up the CD but the CD was not in the case (in the CD player) so she went to my school and asked if any of my classmates had the CD I could borrow (16 copies I received). The CD would play over and over and it would just make me feel better. One day my mom was sitting next to me tears in her eyes while she sang the line “Hit me baby one more time” and I moved my arm and hit hers she flew out of her chair and got the doctors and they all said it was impossible see they told her I would not Make it through the night the first night then when I did they said I would never walk or talk again. So with a room filled of doctors nurse’s and wow seemed like everyone was in my room my mom sang them magic lines again and I moved and my arm again. Doctors where amazed the next few days I would more my arms more and more so I was moved to a rehabilitation center where I would be able to recover they also put a device on the Trach that would allow me to talk. First day I had PT and I met with a Music therapist she asked me what kind of music I liked to listen to I said Britney so she took my CD with her and while doing my PT they played her CD for me to help motivate me I believe it worked that day I stood up for the first time in 3 months with a lot of help. Next few weeks I would learn to take my first steps again all while Britney would play in the background. One of the nurses told my Mom she heard Britney would be going on Tour this summer and said maybe you can get him tickets to help him fight harder. She did and I did with a lot of setbacks I fought hard. While I was fighting my mom was writing she wrote Britney a letter about my story and how much she was thankful for her and her music for getting me through the hardest year of my life. A few weeks pass and my Mom got a call saying that on the day of the concert to arrive early because I would be meeting Britney Spears. Now to be release from the hospital and be able to do these 4 months of fighting I was able to leave in a wheelchair but I could go home and see my Idol. July 5th 2000 the morning of the concert I went to store to buy flowers for Britney and a Teddy Bear with her birthstone on it we are on our way. We pick up the Meet and Greet Passes and wait in a line for her to come out before she does they make an announcement that it will be a fast meet and greet No posing and no gifts I felt sad because I wanted to give her my gifts but I would still get to meet her. My Mom tells me she sees her coming out I start to cry tears I could not stop it’s my turn she says is this him to a guy walking with her he says yea she leans down to me because I’m still in my wheelchair and asked my why I’m crying I told her she made all my dreams come true and helped me fight. She talked to me for a few minutes and then asked who the flowers where for I told her they were for her and she took them then said she read my story my Mom sent her and she asked if I would be able to stand up for her to pose for a photo. Her body guard stood behind me as I took a Photo with the woman I looked up to for so long Fe handed me a Autograph photo of Britney and Britney told me to never stop Fighting and told my Mom she was amazing for fighting for me when I wanted to give up. As you can see the year 2000 started off very bad but at that half way point I had a little light and the end of the tunnel. I still to this day have to fight I am not in a wheelchair anymore still have to Self-Cath but I have my life I may get tired and weak but Britney gets me through my hard days she always will and now that I am older and with social media I get to make amazing friendships with other fans and for that I am truly blessed.

Thank You Christopher

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What an AWESOME memory! Thanks for sharing it with us Chris and being an awesome SUPER FAN!

If you want to submit any of your super fan moments, please contact us! It can be ANYTHING!

Read it on our mainsite!

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