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July 31 - Britney Spotted Getting Lunch And Leaving California Music Academy!


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Our sweet looking Spears were spotted at California Music Academy in West Village. She carried a cd with her, what could be on that? Maybe some new addings to her Las Vegas show? Which starts again this Wednesday!

More pictures here!


Then Brit headed to Sushi AI and grabbed some lunch with her. That headband is super cute!

See more here.

Read it on our mainsite!
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California Music Academy - "Piano lessons, guitar lessons, singing lessons, keyboard sessions and voice lessons. Music Teachers for children and adults."

She was probably with a vocal coach or something, she could have demos or something on the CD, I'm not sure!

I don't see why she would have POM remixes, I can understand if she was at a dance studio, I have a feeling it could be B9 related! or she is just with her vocal coach or something :)

She's rehearsing there. She was there to rehearse POM, that's where she is in IABJ documentary. It's absolutely nothing B9 related.

You can also check their website they say they have celebrities like Britney Spears rehearsing.

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That CD could always have the regular remixes of the show that she still has to rehearse, but the idea of new songs/versions and choreographies is always really exciting! Can't wait to see her back on stage :)

Simon ellis confirmed he made 4 new remixes from the pom setlist so thats what it most likely is . She will probably make a few minor changes in the choreo and or maybe add in a couple more breakdowns ... And just maybe she will add in PG
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You're so lucky! The first show of each leg is always so exciting. I hope you get to see lots of changes and an energetic Britney ;)


Awe thank you!!  Yes I see that she has been rehearsing something and the possible remixes makes this all so exciting.  I hope too I get to see these changes tomorrow, (Pretty Girls) and she is energetic and not nervous her first day back.  Maybe she will have a costume change for Gimme More/BTI something like "Britney's Over Charlie" or "Fuck U Charlie" shirt.  I kinda wish I was going twice, cause I want to take pictures but I also want to get to enjoy the concert, not spending the whole time viewing it through my phone.

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