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Lady Lisa

Game: Celebrity Feuds (1St Period)

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Hello people, so lately there has been some feuds between celebrities (aka Nicki Minaj vs Taylor Swift) and i think about doing a celebrity feud game :) Well let me explain this game, so: 

Below you will see a LIST with the most infamous celebrity feuds that had been ICONIC in the Pop Culture, you have to print (with some cute color  :pomsmile: ) your favorite feuds.

You have to print at least 10 feuds then i will count every vote and start the second period of the game that i will explain to you next time.


Let's gonna fight  :smokeney: 


Eminem Vs Christina Aguilera

Nicki Minaj Vs Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Vs Katy Perry

Madonna Vs Lady Gaga

One Direction Vs Naughty Boy & Zayn Malik

Naughty Boy Vs Zayn Malik 

Nicki Minaj Vs Safaree

Nicki Minaj Vs Lil Kim'

Madonna Vs Elton John 

Lorde & Taylor Swift Vs Diplo

Justin Bieber Vs Orlando Bloom

Christina Aguilera Vs Kelly Osbourne

Solange Knowles Vs Jay Z

Perez Hilton Vs Will.i.am

Iggy Azalea Vs Snoop Dog

Mariah Carey Vs Nicki Minaj

Kanye West Vs Taylor Swift

Carrie Underwood Vs Taylor Swift

Katy Perry Vs Lady Gaga

Madonna Vs Cher

Lindsay Lohan Vs Amanda Bynes 

Lindsay Lohan Vs Hilary Duff

Ariana Grande Vs Victoria Justice

Khloe Kardashian Vs Kardashians

Iggy Azalea Vs Eminem

Robert Kardashian Vs Kardashians

Iggy Azalea Vs Azalea Banks

Jennifer Lopez Vs Mariah Carey

Demi Lovato Vs Meghan Trainor

Christina Aguilera Vs The Wanted

One Direction Vs The Wanted

Mariah Carey Vs Eminem

Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez Vs Miley Cyrus

Demi Lovato Vs Selena Gomez

Miley Cyrus Vs Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber Vs Drake Bell

Mariah Carey Vs Whitney Houston


If you feel the need to add another one is okay  :)  

I didn't add Britney/Christina iconic feud because then they will obviously win :orangu: so Britney and Christina are not an option and none other Britney fight. 


Fight For Your Life.



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