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Why You Should Turn Into Pretty Little Liars Season Finale!

Lady Lisa

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toooootally gonna be tune in for the summer season finale



and this is also going to be the last time we see them as high school girls right? cause they will be a time jumping after the summer season finale

Yes but still, this season the girls finish their high school...i wanna see so bad the Last Prom Dance  :soexcited2:  :soexcited2:  :soexcited2: well the time jump will be heartbreaking  :crying1:  :crying1:

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They still haven't reveled who that A person is? :areyouseriousrn:

I remember hearing complaints for months and months about it never being told  :xf11:    

Yeah we get a name...but booom

first time that we hear that nAme

A is Charles DiLaurentis - Who is Charles DiLaurentis? <-- That's out question now i mean we know now that he is the brother of Alison and Twink of Jason but we need to have his face...season finale will be #fAcetofAce but if Marlene doesn't show his face i will burn her house  :4music:

Red Coap is ? - She/He is working with -A

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