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Bitch...she's The Queen Of Tours

Lady Lisa

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You can say anything about her...hate her or wathever u want, but what you can deny is this:

She's the fucking Master & Queen of tours 


:o  :o  :o


She always go BIG with her tour

I admire that  :xf1:

Yes she's old but she ain't playing, she's a fucking Legend!  :fabrance:


:soexcited2: BRAVO MADONNA!  :soexcited2:



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You will go to the Rebel Heart tour? :soexcited2::soexcited2: OMG congrats

yeah, i'm going to see her in Berlin, November 11 if I'm not wrong. it's gonna be the best night of my life tbh, so excited ;( we have one of the best seats because my boyfriend bought tickets on pre-sale before they sold out, so the view will be amazing! Madonna has the best tours ever, she owns them!
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To be honest I find it sad. Yea I get she's old and she's more active than  Britney  :pieceofwhat:  But at the same time it's like...urgh,  I dont know i've never really liked her she just seems to keep changing and changing and I think to myself can she stop? Like she will probably die by performing too much 

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