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main page Britney Spears Considers Two-Year Renewal At Axis At Planet Hollywood? #pieceofme

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As Britney Spears closes in on the end of her two-year residency, “Britney: Piece of Me,” at Axis at Planet Hollywood, the pop princess finds herself wrestling with a tough decision.

After completing New Year’s Eve shows at Axis, Britney ends her run of 142 shows on Jan. 3. What does she do next?

Vegas Deluxe has learned that Caesars Entertainment executives are “very eager to have her back.” I was told: “There’s a new two-year-residency offer on the table after negotiations were concluded last week.”

But Britney herself — not her father or management team — will make the final decision to stay or go. She took off this week for a Hawaii vacation with her two sons to think about the offer.

“This is an exciting time in her career,” one of her closest friends told me. “She’s torn. She absolutely loves doing her ‘Piece of Me’ show on the Strip and living part time in Las Vegas, but she’s got to tackle a new album — and that’s a major commitment just by itself.

“Additionally, her incredible Las Vegas success has attracted many new big-gig concert offers worldwide. “

Britney has promised a final answer by mid-November. If she decides not to renew, then fans have just a few more dates in the fall and winter to see her show. Britney returns to Planet Hollywood from Aug. 5 through Sept. 9 and again Oct. 7, with the last shows currently set for New Year’s Weekend.

“It really is a case of it might happen or might not, but it’s entirely her call. It really is a case of seeing her show now in case she brings it to an end. Everybody from hotel executives to her cast and crew are waiting on pins and needles for her final decision,” her confidante told me.

“She’s in a very contented place at the moment. She’s been really happy with her Las Vegas run and loves doing the show. Britney has already had well more than 100 sold-out shows. There’s been huge word of mouth as the hottest show ticket in town, and she really put Planet Hollywood back in the forefront.

“It’s been an extraordinary success for everybody, and Britney started a new wave of other pop stars wanting Las Vegas residencies. Jennifer Lopez arrives on her heels, and there also are Janet Jackson’s shows.

“Many other pop stars now want Las Vegas opportunities as a result of what Britney achieved, and they are coming. That also weighs on her mind as to what happens if she decides to move out of town. The impact she made with her residency can’t be underestimated.

“The negotiations are concluded. The dollars and dates have all been agreed upon. The offer has been made. It’s totally up to her now as to what she plans for her future.

“All she has to do is say yes or no. It’s a huge decision, and she wanted to go to Hawaii with her boys to try and give herself time away from everybody and everything in Las Vegas and Los Angeles to arrive at the right and best decision.

“Her fans may even help her decision. It’s a difficult decision for Britney. She wants to be loyal but at the same time is grappling with other professional opportunities.

“There’s nothing more now but to wait.”

Vegas DeLuxe will continue to monitor this developing story until Britney announces her decision this fall.




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