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Sandra Bland...


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What do y'all think of this?



I've been pretty conservative when it came to these sort of racial cases cases - Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, etc, but this one?

Oh man, I can't even DENY that the police are hiding something :londonomg2:


For those who don't know, Sandra Bland was pulled over by a state trooper (think like, police but with even more authority and asshole-ness) for not using her turn  signal to get into another lane. (Which is ridiculous. Few people in my town or even my area use their turn signals. Most of them are tourists...)


Anyway, the cop eventually arrested her without giving her a proper cause - which is illegal, by the way, according to the US Law. She asked fourteen times why she was being arrested, and the cop never answered her.


Later, when she was in jail, she was found to have hung herself from her bedframe by using a trashbag around her neck.

But there are some inconsistencies with this.


  1. Trashbags or even TRASHCANS aren't allowed in jail cells.
  2. Sandra was around 6 feet tall... The bedframe was only about 5 feet tall.

There are even people on "that" side of tumblr saying that her mugshot was staged, and that it looks like she's actually being laid down, rather than standing against a wall, as is standards for all mugshots. Some even say that the orange outfit isn't standard for mugshots, (even though it definitely is?)

But I'm not sure about this.

I do admit that there is a lack of space between where her head and where the shadow of her head should be. Although some people are saying because of the look in her eyes, she's presumably dead in the photo - but that can't be, as the cause of her death was ruled asphyxiation (choking), and when a human body is choked to death, the blood vessels in the eyes burst, causing them to turn red. Her eyes don't look irritated in the least. (But it's also too low quality and dark to see, quite honestly.)

But the most outrageous claim is that people are arguing about the position of her nose.

In the left image (2013) and the right (2015), you can see more of the inside of her nose, possibly meaning her head was being tilted back - or falling back because she may have already been deceased.




I really don't know what to think of this. It's OBVIOUS the police are hiding something, but what exactly that is, I don't know.

This entire case has been odd from start to... Well, I can't say finished, because it's long from over.

I expect protests and hundreds of posts on Facebook and Tumblr about it.

Many people saying "WHITE SUPREMACIST COPS" and the like.

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ok you can actually hang yourself at a 5 feet bedframe while being 6 feet tall. all you have to do is kinda slip with your legs so you dont really stand anymore and gravity does the rest....


next: if you pay close attention to her second mugshot (with the orange suit) and other mugshots you see that people are kinda right about thinking she is on the ground. her shoulders are kinda straight, look at her other mugshot they arent like that there. then her hair.... it looks like her hair is falling back, you know like it does when you lay on the ground. and her eyes look kinda dead tbh.


i really hope they can solve that case, cause its really strange and weird.

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