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Advice On What To Do

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so was wondering what advice would people  give for this situation. Was in our family home house where grew up. Was in the back garden i saw  couple of fires in our neighbours  field behind his diseased parents house that is unoccupied cos the kids are my mums age so are spread out with their own homes. I tried to go as near a possible  while still in the back garden to see what was going on. Then i heard a fella shout she is looking then i saw a group of men or boys and one pulled down their trousers  and shouted kiss my arse started shouting abuse at me.


I went in and told my mum she went running out roaring at them to go they left eventually.the house is on a hill looking down on our site a bit up the road from us a little field between us. then today two days later i was cutting the lawn when i heard smashing in my neighbours house. I looked up they were in the shed smashing and breaking things and jumping on the roof .Walking around the house eyeing up things.this is when i saw red and went postal giving them a piece of my mind did they go no and i kept shouting at them every time they started smashing things again.


I was going to ring the police but my mum and my aunt told me not to encase they come back and do some thing cos they would know who called the police. But really i'm not scared they should be scared of me cos i'm angry now cos the lady who is dead who's house it was was so nice and house proud. One of their adult kids lives in the area and knows what is going on with people smashing up his parents house.they eventually boarded up the windows not the doors. but they are not doing any thing about it cos their is a legal fight between all the adult kids about ownership of the house.it was not a tip of a house inside or out it was great standard. what would you do in this situation.


i really don't think it is a matter of oh well it has nothing to do with me cos i actually don't think it is right that people think that they can do this. They have like such a calm manner doing it loitering around even when people are like hi i see what you are doing.any tramp could be in the house looking down on my mums house.


sorry for the long post

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