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Leonardo M.

All I Need Is A Good Advice, Please!

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Since you all are so nice... I'd like to share a situation that I'm going through right now... and its really hard to me.  :crying1:



The thing is... I met a guy on a Britney's Forum, (so, he's a britfan too)... and we started talking... like, A LOT! We met at the end of 2014... and keep contact since then. (met virtually)

We pass all the night into skype... like 5/6 hours... during the day we keep talking on facebook, whatsapp... its pretty cool, we talk about EVERYTHING!  :yas:


He became a huuuuuuge friend, and eventually... I started wanting to meet him personally, since we live really close! its like 20 minutos, seriously  :soexcited2:


and yeah, we met... he came to my house, it was soooo good! We watched a lot of Brinny DVD's, listing some songs, had lanch... We're friends about 9 months!  :bomt: But yeah, even living close, we just met personally once. 


The thing is... his family is moving to other city til the end of the year  :crying1: and you know, I got cam, and always talk to him by the micro... but he doesn't have cam and micro... so, he see me all the time, but I don't see him, his face, his voice, you know... 


And since I knew he's about to move... I wanna see him more, see him personally, make memories, you know...  :pomsmile: But he doesn't. 


We discussed and he said he prefer to keep it virtually...  :zoomzoom: said that he just go personally after about 2 years... and I was worry things up  :pieceofwhat:


But you know, I'm a touching person... I need that eyes contact, that real talk... going out... but he doesn't... and its making me deeply sad! I'm not sure if I surrendly fell in love with him... but I'm just feeling so sad, I cried my eyes out today  :whatever:


I care too much about him. He was getting some family issues then I bought him a book... to give him some distraction, you know... but he didn't even come to my house to get it, he asked me to send it to him by mail  :bitchney: and its made me even more sad.  :crying4:



I decided to push him away... because you know, we won't see each other personally, he'll move, and he doesn't seem to care like I do  :icanttt:


I'm just so sad. Do you guys already went through anything like this?  :h8w8:


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