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Are Trees Where You Live Going Into Early Autumn

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so i find it really bizarre like last week i have noticed that allot of trees are loosing their leaves in the county . we are in the middle of summer i live in the northern hemisphere so autumn begins in September. it's not just one type of tree i have been noticing it is every variety. i have i picked around a black bag size of sycamore leaves from the flower bed. I just find it really weird i can never remember seeing leaves on the ground in July. where is summer and why is a season being skipped. so what's going on with the season where you live is every thing normal. maybe it is something to do with global warming great Britain is our neighbour and they are having a heat wave of temperatures in the 30 degree Celsius.like i looked at a tree outside the window that just got leaves a couple of weeks ago and some leaves look changed colour and shrivelled like it is ready to drop.


and i's not because we have been having no rain cos we have rain and we don't have a heat wave.

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