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New Feature! Gift To You From Us.


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So because universe has gotten so many new members and everyone is loving the forum i decided to add a feature :)

Now everyone can close their own topics! Now if this feature gets abused it will be removed but for right now i hope everyone enjoys this :)




You can't delete

Only lock


how to close?? deleting wouldnt be wrong too i think. but wait - no that wouldnt been good for growing of the site. the more topics the more hits on google so ok. but how to lock?

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Yep:) I left exhale for good lol like 6 months ago

I heard there were accounts made with my username after i left tho



Yeah, there was this one member who had the exact same name as yours, and also had a buffy set. I got confused for a second and thought it was you. :drown:

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