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Is this the new Exhale?


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I have been going on Exhale for about a year now, and I loved it. But now no one goes on it because of the celeb forum, and loads of people are coming here. Do you think universe is going to become really popular and become the new exhale?


Well this is always going to be Britney Spears only forum. And I was here before this came popular so I stay here because this is awesome and nice forum/site. I don't care about popularity. As long as we get Britney news, I love it. This isn't new exhale, because that place was just a big mess. ;)

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Minus the self obsessed admin.

Minus the self obsessed trolls.

Minus the admin stealing your thread and giving you a pixelated starbucks cup

Basically this is inhale.


That site was called Exhale, but all it made me do was inhale 


Inhale from anger :gloria: 

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nothing will replace exhale

but it's nice

It seemed that Exhale loved to shit on everything. It was a poor excuse for a fan forum. I went on there to share my excitement about Britney news, but, instead about 80% of my posts were just me defending everything she did.

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