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Why I Don't Want Britney To Tour With Her Next Album & Why It Has To Come Out Once Vegas Ends

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Love POM or hate it, Britney has lots of armography and some actual choreography to remember (BTI, WB, breakdowns etc etc...) so when she releases her next album it cannot be when POM is still going. 


Even with all the existing POM choreo, she WAS able to learn a new routine for Pretty Girls, BUT the routine wasn't tricky at all and please nobody pretend it was. Did she dance it with attitude? Yes. But the choreo wasn't tough. 


What I'm saying is - she needs to be able to perform more difficult choreos for 1 or 2 songs from her next album when promoting on various TV programmes. I don't want her worrying about 20 choreos from an upcoming world tour or 20 choreos from the residency. I want Britney to be able to focus on performing less choreos, but harder choreos. 


And you should agree with me if you EVER want another iconic Britney performance to grace your TV screens  :nowaygif:

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